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I’ve been doing a research about school over the internet lately, it is said that most likely in the future as the number of formal schools that exist at this time will be reduced drastically. For me personally, this is a shocking news as well as a good idea. However, it seems this has yet to be realized.

Along with the development of technology, many people argue that replacing the formal schools with school-based internet. It is true, there is an invention of technology called “webcam”. Webcam allows us to directly face to face with people via the internet, so maybe this kind of tool can replace our presence at the school in the future. Exercises and tasks can also be replaced by a variety of online exercises that can be sent via email.

But, it’s not that easy to replace the role of a teacher. A teacher not only teach a variety of subjects. However, a teacher also act as an educator who taught us how to behave. In other words, teachers not only teach the subject’s materials to students but also applying discipline and to train students to be mentally strong and having a good personality.

So, I can conclude is that the existence of schools that were replaced with school-based internet with in the future, can not be realized properly. Because, what is needed by the students not only for academic guidance but also personality guidance. And, it just might be achieved if the education system that is used is the system commonly used today.

Shanty Zelita Hamid Siregar



Will it be possible to live forever?

My opinion, it is not possible, because every human being could not live forever, because God has determined the destiny for each of his people, there are given the longevity and there are also people who were given a short lifespan. and every human being has a different charity, there is a good charity,and also they have a bad charity.

They will live in another world, where in this world, every human being will live forever. and this is called eternal life or rather life forever. But the world will we find these differents, in the firts place is filed by good human, and whereas, the second place, occupied by people who often do poorly.

And many, this charity is determined by good or bad deeds, possessed by every human being during life on earth. If many people do a good deed or thing, they will go to a place called Heaven, and whereas, if a lot people of acts or a bad thing, they will go to a place called Hell.

But I think, called to live forever, where life is lived is no longer or have a sequel called eternal life.

Will there still be schools and teachers in the future?
People presume that in 50 years time, the number of schools will be reduced and education will be done by computers.  This is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure that this will be really happening in the future.

It is true that computers nowadays are really an advanced technology and it has many fantastic facilities. The invention of webcams allow us to chat face to face even we are very far apart. The internet are now commonly used by everyone and easily be accessed. The computer scientists have built a computer prototype program that can understand things people say, and can give a meaningful answer.

But human teachers are more than having someone to educate us. It is the support and the understandings that help us study and understand the lessons. The emotions while teaching and the body language that teacher has and computers don’t have which differing it. And the different kinds of styles each teacher has while teaching that makes it irreplaceable.

To conclude, I would like to say that online schools are an interesting idea. In 50 years time, it may be possible to have an online school and educations can be done by computers. But I believe real schools and real teachers will still be needed in the future.


by : Muchammad Ikrar Athalla Putra

Images of Labsky

Labschool Kebayoran or what we usually called Labsky is a school located at South 
Jakarta, it is a school to many students. This is a report about an interview about the students lifestyle. I interviewed six of my friends in XC with questions about movie, music, Internet, mall, study frequency, and relationship.

Movie: from all six persons I interviewed, it turns out that most of them went to the cinema twice a month. From what I can see here cinema has been an important part of their lives, and this interview stands up to the majority of labsky’s students that really loves to watch the latest movies in cinemas.

Music: Most of the students preferred foreign music more than Indonesian music, Foreign music outshine Indonesian music because of their genre and the artist that perform it. Indonesian music mostly revolve around relationship, heart break, and teenager’s life. While foreign music is very easy to relate to.

Internet: Labsky students spend approximately 2 hours a day on weekdays sitting in front of their computer and they would most likely to go to social network kind of site such as twitter, Facebook etc. While on the weekend they spend around 6 hours a day on the Internet.

Mall: Mall is a place where the teenagers in Jakarta hang out, because most of the mall in Jakarta have cinema, bookstores, café, restaurants, and game center. Labsky students are not an exception for this, they would go to the mall around 3 times a month to hang out with their family and friends. The most visited mall is Pondok Indah Mall since it’s located not far from Labschool Kebayoran

Study Frequency: the average time to study on the weekdays for Labsky students is 2 hours a day at their house. On weekends they spend an hour a day to study.

Love and Relationship: According to the students I interviewed, relationship is an important part of teenage hood and they already had a relationship at least once. 

My conclusion is that Labsky students aren’t so different to any other teenager in Jakarta because they have a similar lifestyle. They would follow the trends, that proves with the music and movie they preferred, most will choose a Hollywood movie rather than an Indonesian made horror films. That is my conclusion, thank you for your attention and I’m deeply sorry for any grammatical errors and such. 

Putty Ekadewi

Images of Labsky

Labsky Stands For “Labschool Kebayoran”. Labsky Is A Place Where I Study Now, and many people after study from there get a success For their job. For this time I will present the lifestyle of Labschool Senior high school. I Interviewed 6 of my different friends, and The Question About Movie, Music, Internet, Mall, Study Frequency, and about Love Relationship.

Movie: The average among the six different friend if averaged about Twice a month they have time to watch movies they like.

Music: I Have Interviewed all they said that they liked with foreign music compared With Indonesiaa’s music

Internet: Many Peoples from 6 my friends said that on the weekdays for 2 hours they liked played internet, and many reasons they often play internet, many people like play internet for networking, Play game, and for educational purposes.

Mall: Mall is populer place for shopping, for refreshing, and many more, From 6 Persons they liked went to the mall 3 times a month, and they liked visited to Pondok Indah Mall for relax Them Selves from Stress, and perhaps tired because we have many activities in school  or outside school.

Study Frequency: On Weekdays the average frequency of Labsky’s students study hours is 2 hours, and on weekend they study spent 1 hour to study.

Love Relationship: From 6 My Friends, They Choose Love Relationship is very important, and for me i don’t know this is important or not, because from my friend there is still never have boyfriend or girlfriend, and that’s includes me.

Though so, still many students have Love Relationship, but because Labschool has many activities, Example: Everydays Time To Go Home in Labschool at 3:30 pm, and it has not been calculated with the schedule outside of school time.

By: Muharam Kemal Adam (X – C)

Images of Labsky

Labsky stands for, Labschool Kebayoran.  My goal made this report  is to present the lifestyle of  Labsky Senior Highschool  student.   Based from the Interview,  I interviewed  6 different students with  6 different question that contain, movies, music, leisure activities, place of interest,  study frequency, and Relationship.

Movies : Over a half  of the students, said they go to cinema for a movie  twice  in a month. They prefer Hollywood movies, better than Indonesian movies.

Music : Over 83.3% students admitted prefer foreigners music better than Indonesian music. They think it’s because, foreigners music has a better quality. It’s not that they totally fall for foreigners songs. Some of them, had 10 or 15 Indonesian songs on their playlists.

Leisure Activities : On schooldays, half of the correspondents used their leisure time to opened the Internet. The average is 2 hours a day. Usually they opened the internet to play online games and social networking. It’s rarely found, student who use internet for education things.

Place of Interest : Nowadays, Mall being one of the most popular place among adolescence. Based from the survey, the majority of Labsky’s students went to the mall thrice a month. The Mall that most visited by the students is Pondok Indah Mall.

Study Frequency : On weekdays, the average study frequency of  Labsky students  is 2 hours. On weekend, they spent 1 hours to study.

Relationship : All the students agreed about having a special relationship at this age. Based on the survey, they have been in a relationship at least once.

So the conclusions are  students prefer foreigners masterpiece better than Indonesian. Because of it’s quality. The Second, as we know, Labsky has so many activities, both academic and students.  But the students still update about music, movies, etc, without forgetting to study. So that’s the end of my report. Thank you for reading.

Made by : Syifa Andini Salsabila (Dini) X-C

              “THE IMAGES OF LABSKY”

              The Images of Labsky, Labsky stands for “Labschool Kebayoran”. Labsky is a place where I study now, and also a place that produce successful people. And, the aim of this report is to present the lifestyle of Labsky’s student, based on English In Mind (Page 11 Unit 11). I interviewed 6 of my friends and ask them 6 questions that concerned on teenager’s lifestyle, such as; Their favorite movie, music and place to hangout (I mean as a Mall here), frequency of studying and using the internet and also, about love relationship. Here’s what I’ve got:


Over 60% students of Labsky, go to the Cinema twice a month to watch a movie. And sometimes, they spend 2 hours to watch movie from DVD. They also prefer to watch foreign movies instead of local (Indonesian) movies.


5 of 6 Students choose to enjoy foreign (International) music than local (Indonesian) music. According to them, they presume that foreign music has a better quality than the local’s. Well, if you check their music player you’ll find only about 5-10 local songs, the rest are foreign songs.


The majority of Labsky’s students, use the internet around 2 hours a day, on weekdays. While on the weekends, that number increased to  hours a day. Most of them use the internet to play games and social networking, but only very few who use it for educational purposes.


Mall is a very popular place among all ages, including teenagers. Most teenagers today, they go to the Mall to refresh themselves from stress and fatigue they got in school days or maybe just for hanging out. From the survey data, it can be seen that the average frequency of Labsky’s students go to Mall is 3 times a month. And, it also shows that Pondok Indah Mall is the most visited mall, among Labsky’s students.


On weekdays, Labsky’s students spend 2 hours to study at home and reduced to one hour a day on weekends.

Love Relationship

Based on the survey, over all the Students I interviewed, agreed that Love Relationship is important in adolescence. And after interviewing them one by one in personal, all of them have been in relationship for at least, once.

              So, I can conclude that teenager’s lifestyle, especially Labsky’s students, always follow the development of globalization, from year to year. They mostly follow what’s the current hits. For me, that is good that we (yes, I include myself in this conclusion) always pay attention and follow the development of globalization. But, we shouldn’t ignore our own culture, we have to appreciate it. I consider to balance the use of foreign culture and local culture in everyday life. It’s always better to keep everything in balance.

That’s what I can conclude based on the survey I have done. Thank you.

By: Shanty Zelita Hamid Siregar (35/X-C)

Images of Labsky

                Labsky stands for “Labschool Kebayoran”. The aim of this report is to present the lifestyle of Labsky’s student. I interviewed six of my friends and asked about their lifestyle. The questions concerned movie, music, internet, mall, study frequency, and Love relationship.

Movie: Over Three-Fifth of Labsky’s students go to the cinema twice a month to watch movie. And sometimes on their spare time, they spend 2 hours to watch movie on DVD.  They prefer Hollywood films than the local films to watch.

Music: The majority of Labsky’s students said that they prefer foreign music rather than local music. According to them, foreign music has a better quality than Local’s. If you see their music player, they only have about 10 songs of local music

Internet: About 60% of Labsky’s students use the Internet around 2 hours a day in weekdays, and around 6 hours a day on weekends. Some of them use the Internet to play and some of them use the Internet for Social Networking. It seems like there is not many of them use the internet for education.

Mall: Mall is a really popular place among teenagers now, including Labsky’s students. One of the reasons they go to the mall is for refreshing from their daily school activities or maybe just for hanging out. From the survey, Labsky’s students go to the mall around 3 times a month. The mall that is most visited by Labsky’s student is Pondok Indah Mall.

Study Frequency: On weekdays, the average frequency of Labsky’s students study hours is 2 hours a day at home. And on weekend they study for around an hour a day.

Love Relationship:  Based from the survey, all of the interviewee agreed that Love Relationship is important, especially in this teenager’s time. And after interviewing them one by one, all of them have been in a relationship at least once.

So my conclusion, lifestyle of labsky’s student has really followed the progress of globalization. They are very up to date on music, movies, etc. But they prefer foreign cultures than their own country culture. So, this is the lifestyle of labsky’s students based on my survey.

By: Nadhira Zhafirany (X-C)

Images of Labsky

Labschool Kebayoran or commonly called “Labsky” is a school to many Success and brilliant students, which is the place where I study now. I made this report to present the Lifestyle of Lab sky’s Students. I interviewed six of my friends and ask the about their lifestyle. The questions concerned movie, music, internet, mall, study frequency, and Love relationship.

Movie: Over 60 % students of Labsky go to the cinema twice a month to watch movie, and sometimes on their free times they spend 2 hours to watch movie from DVD, they prefer to watch Hollywood movies rather than the local Indonesia movies.

Music: Five-Sixth students of Labsky said that they enjoyed Other country musics rather  than Indonesian musics, they presume Foreign music have a better quality than Indonesian. In their music playlist they only have 5- 15 indonesian songs.

Internet: The Majority of people use Internet 2 hours a day on the weekdays, and  on the weekend they use Internet around 5 hours. one-third use internet to play games on weekend and two-third use internet for Social networking,but only few of them use internet for educational purposes.

Mall: Mall is one destination that labsky students often went to, The Average frequency  labsky students go to malls is 3 times a month, and the most visited mall is Pondok Indah Mall. The students go to mall for stress relief after a full week studying at school or just hanging out.

Study Frequency: On weekdays, Labsky Students averagely study for 2 hours a day at home, and on weekend they study for an hour  a day.

Love Relationship: After Interviewing the Labsky students, All of them said that Love Relationship is important, especially on their teenager life, among survey they have been in a relationship at least once.

The conclusion to my report is that Labsky students are very up to date at following the globalization, especially at the current hits. But most of them tend to disrespect the local culture that’s why at Labsky we are taught  to balance the culture and among their busyness at school, they still have plenty of leisure time to have fun, and that is the Lifestyle of Labsky.

By : Muchammad Ikrar Athalla Putra (X-C)