Will there still be schools and teachers in the future?
People presume that in 50 years time, the number of schools will be reduced and education will be done by computers.  This is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure that this will be really happening in the future.

It is true that computers nowadays are really an advanced technology and it has many fantastic facilities. The invention of webcams allow us to chat face to face even we are very far apart. The internet are now commonly used by everyone and easily be accessed. The computer scientists have built a computer prototype program that can understand things people say, and can give a meaningful answer.

But human teachers are more than having someone to educate us. It is the support and the understandings that help us study and understand the lessons. The emotions while teaching and the body language that teacher has and computers don’t have which differing it. And the different kinds of styles each teacher has while teaching that makes it irreplaceable.

To conclude, I would like to say that online schools are an interesting idea. In 50 years time, it may be possible to have an online school and educations can be done by computers. But I believe real schools and real teachers will still be needed in the future.


by : Muchammad Ikrar Athalla Putra