Scientists claim that in 40 years’ time probably won’t be any schools or teachers. They probably will be replaced by computers and robot. This is a great idea and effective, but I don’t really support the idea.

The technology advanced a lot in the last years, so it might be possible that there won’t be schools and teachers in the future. We will learn via the internet and taking tests online. We won’t go to school anymore and just staying at home. The teachers’ role will also be replaced by the robots. Many school problems will be avoided and we will completely receive the lessons without outer problems.

Nevertheless, not going to schools and not having the ‘real’ teachers mean we won’t have the social activity. And it’s not a good thing. Talking with friends online is completely different with talking directly. And also, the ‘real’ teachers can’t be replaced that easy with the robots. The teachers are not just a teacher. The ‘real’ teachers will help us emotionally and support us to learn the lessons.

To conclude, I think that a virtual school and robot teachers will be a really useful invention. However, schools are the most important social activity for the students. I believe that the robots will teach us the lessons in a fantastic way. But no matter what, the ‘real’ teachers can’t be replaced with a piece of metal without a real brain and feelings.

Nadhira Zhafirany, XC