Hello and welcome to our blog! Before you get started, we’d like to introduce ourselves as the author. We’re consist of 6 students from X-C SMA Labschool Kebayoran, here we are:

From Left to Right: Dini, Adam, Nadhira, Putty, Shanty and Raka.


1. Muchammad Ikrar Athalla Putra (Raka)

2. Muharam Kemal Adam (Adam)

3. Nadhira Zhafirany (Nadhira)

4. Putty Ekadewi (Putty)

5. Shanty Zelita Hamid Siregar (Shanty)

6. Syifa Andini Salsabila (Dini)


And also, we’d like to thank Mr. Arifin for giving us this assignment. We enjoyed making this kind of assignment. Last but not least… Enjoy our blog and we hope it will be helpful, thank you very much 🙂