Images of Labsky

Labschool Kebayoran or what we usually called Labsky is a school located at South 
Jakarta, it is a school to many students. This is a report about an interview about the students lifestyle. I interviewed six of my friends in XC with questions about movie, music, Internet, mall, study frequency, and relationship.

Movie: from all six persons I interviewed, it turns out that most of them went to the cinema twice a month. From what I can see here cinema has been an important part of their lives, and this interview stands up to the majority of labsky’s students that really loves to watch the latest movies in cinemas.

Music: Most of the students preferred foreign music more than Indonesian music, Foreign music outshine Indonesian music because of their genre and the artist that perform it. Indonesian music mostly revolve around relationship, heart break, and teenager’s life. While foreign music is very easy to relate to.

Internet: Labsky students spend approximately 2 hours a day on weekdays sitting in front of their computer and they would most likely to go to social network kind of site such as twitter, Facebook etc. While on the weekend they spend around 6 hours a day on the Internet.

Mall: Mall is a place where the teenagers in Jakarta hang out, because most of the mall in Jakarta have cinema, bookstores, café, restaurants, and game center. Labsky students are not an exception for this, they would go to the mall around 3 times a month to hang out with their family and friends. The most visited mall is Pondok Indah Mall since it’s located not far from Labschool Kebayoran

Study Frequency: the average time to study on the weekdays for Labsky students is 2 hours a day at their house. On weekends they spend an hour a day to study.

Love and Relationship: According to the students I interviewed, relationship is an important part of teenage hood and they already had a relationship at least once. 

My conclusion is that Labsky students aren’t so different to any other teenager in Jakarta because they have a similar lifestyle. They would follow the trends, that proves with the music and movie they preferred, most will choose a Hollywood movie rather than an Indonesian made horror films. That is my conclusion, thank you for your attention and I’m deeply sorry for any grammatical errors and such. 

Putty Ekadewi